A Happy Wedding and Merry Christmas/EndingA Perfect Disguise (Queen Narissa version)A Romantic Atmosphere/Beauty and the Mouse King
A Surprise Visit in Emerald City/Kiki and Tombo's Wedding AnnouncementAce Goes to Earn Money/Ace Saves his New FriendsAishana
AlicerellaAlmost to Emerald City/Haku and Vincent Temporally LeaveAmbush and Captured/Kiki, Tombo, and the Fearsome Four's Escape Trick Thanks to Satsuki, Arren, Therru, Iago, Zazu, and the Army
Amy, Cosmo, and Tikal's Group's Dreams/Amy, Cosmo, and Tikal's Group Runs AwayAnnahontasAquana
Aquatic Goblins/Arriving at Emerald CityAquatic Goblins/Arriving at Emerald City (Magixa89 Version)Arrival in the Nomebat Kingdom/Infiltrating the Castle
At the Ball/Meeting Mario, Luigi, and the DazzlingsAt the Kansas State Fair/Going Back to OzAt the Surface/Merida Saves Ralph
Awakening Crysta/EndingBack to Oz (Bubbles8218 Version)Back to Oz (Kairi version)
Back to Oz (Magixa89 Version)Back to Oz (Therru Version)Beauty and the Cat Demon
Beauty and the Cat Demon: The Enchanted ChristmasBeauty and the Mouse KingBeauty and the Mouse King: The Enchanted Christmas
Beauty and the SkellingtonBeauty and the Skellington: The Enchanted ChristmasBeauty and the Were-Echidna
Beauty and the Were-Echidna: The Enchanted Christmas (Version 2)Beauty and the Were-Echidna (Version 2)Befriending Hubie and the Servants/Be Our Guest
Both Oz and the Pigs are Saved/EndingBrave Quest for Camelot (Rainbow Dash Version)Brave Quest for Camelot (Susan Test Version)
Brave Quest for CanterlotBrave Quest for MysteriaCave Trek/Escape
Christmas at Last/EndingCleaning the Castle/Human AgainCoronation Day/Kairi Meets Drake
Crysta's Group Befriend the Forest Animals/Finding the CottageCrysta White: Happily Ever AfterCrysta White and the Seven Pokemon
Detour in Monster Valley/New Recruits in Mike's Group and Tiny, Dingodile, Leatherhead, and the MonstarsDiscovering Ganon's Origin/Myotismon's Group and their Army Team Up with GanonDisney Princess Collection Parodies Wiki
Disney Princess and Disney Prince GalleryDisney Princess and Disney Prince Gallery (Bubbles8218)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Gallery (Version 2)
Disney Princess and Disney Prince Gallery (Version 3)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Gallery (Version 4) (Version 1)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Gallery (Version 4) (Version 2)
Disney Princess and Disney Prince Gallery (Version 5)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Gallery (Version 6)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Villains Gallery
Disney Princess and Disney Prince Villains Gallery (Bubbles8218)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Villains Gallery (Version 2)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Villains Gallery (Version 3)
Disney Princess and Disney Prince Villains Gallery (Version 4)Disney Princess and Disney Prince Villains Gallery (Version 4) (Version 1)Dorothyrella
Dr. Facilier's Evil Plan/Ice-Skating DisasterElise's Life in Sugar Plum's Tower/Christopher Hired to Find the Lost PrincessElise of Oz (Magixa89 Version)
Escape and Rescue with the Fearsome Four's Help/Getting the Book of Dimensions Back and Rescuing TherruEscape from Myotismon's Group and their Army/Looking Through Your EyesExcalibur Stolen and Lost/Archery Tournament
Facing Fear with Confidence/Revealing Each Other's Origins and Sora's Childhood MemoryFergus and Elinor's Sacrificial Deal/Final BattleFighting Monstrous Obstacles in the Haunted Forest/The Jitterbug
Fighting Monstrous Obstacles in the Haunted Forest/The Jitterbug (Kairi version)Fighting Monstrous Obstacles in the Haunted Forest/The Jitterbug (Magixa89 Version)Final Battle/Satsuki, Kiki, Chihiro, Yuffie, and Therru's Sacrifice
Final Battle/The Lost Princess FoundFinal Battle/The Lost Princess Found (Magixa89 Version)Final Battle Part 2/Celebi's Death and Revival
Find the Mysterious Maidens/Myotismon and Hunter J Locks Peach and Daisy in Their AtticFirst Meeting in the Marketplace/Pazu, Sharkboy, and the Gangreen Gang ArrestedFishing Lessons Become a Fun Swim/Toshiko's Temporary Beast Behavior
FlynnladdinFollowing Wilbur's Tracks/In the Fairy RealmFour Days Later in Oz/Myotismon’s Conquest Begins
Friend Like Me/Myotismon and his Men’s New PlanFrozen (Bubbles8218 Version)Frozen (Minnie Version 2)
Frozen (Minnie version)Frozen (Minnie version 2)Frozen (Peach Version)
Frozen (Tinker Bell Version)Frozen 2 (Bubbles8218 Version)Frozen Fever (Bubbles8218 Version)
Frozen Fever (Minnie Version)Frozen Fever (Minnie Version 2)Frozen Fever (Tinker Bell Version)
Full StoryGanondorf and Myotismon's Group's Orders/Reunion with the Gangreen Gang and Dazzlings and Shadow's Origin RevealGood Company (Olivia version)
Haku’s Origin and Blindness and Vincent's Origin Revealed/A Deal with TamatoaHe's Gone and He's Back/Recruiting the Dazzlings and Sweet PeaHiram and Utonium Continue on Alone/Ratigan and Drake's Asylum Plot
Hiram and Utonium Get Lost/Stumbling Upon the CastleHubie and the Mouse King Vs. Ratigan and Drake/EndingHurrying to Free Peach and Daisy/Chasing Off Demidevimon
Hylia Help the Outcasts/Going to the Swamps of BelrudoIf You Can Dream (Magixa89's Seventeen Princesses Version)Ima Goodlady AKA Sedusa's Manipulation/Stopping the Wedding
In Ruby University/Coming Up With a CreationInto the Forbidden Jungle/Meeting Matt and Crash's GroupsInvestigating the Crime Scene/Mew's Plight and Kiki's Mysterious Voice Calls for Her
John Gets a BathKairi and Xion Goes After Namine/Let It GoKairi and Xion Meet Sora's Group/Wolfos Chase
Kiki's Life in Hunter J's Tower/Tombo Hired to Find the Lost PrincessKiki, Jiji, and Yuffie’s Warning/The Race BeginsKiki, Yuffie, Fidget, Celebi, and the Children Captured/Getting Tamatoa and Golemon’s Help
Kiki of OzLillipup, Pikachu, Eevee, and Glameow Bring Help in the Form of Their Friends/Elise Discovers the TruthLooking for a Christmas Tree/Dr. Facilier's New Plot
Love is an Open Door/Namine's Powers ExposedLucylanLucylan II
Making Peach and Daisy a Dress for Each of Them/Gathering Items with Secret Help from the Gangreen GangMeeting B.E.N./Tombo Takes Kiki Out of the TowerMeeting Elise, Glameow, and Christopher/Meeting Team Rocket, Popple, and the Fearsome Four
Meeting Fender/Christopher Takes Elise Out of the TowerMeeting Haku and Vincent/Myotismon’s OrdersMeeting Kiki, Jiji, and Tombo/Meeting the Gangreen Gang
Meeting Mushu and Fidget/Switching SidesMeeting Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket/Hunter J's Manipulation on KikiMeeting Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket/Sugar Plum's Manipulation on Elise
Meeting Spongebob's Group/In SummerMeeting Tiger and Fievel Mousekwitz/Elise and Christopher Get to Know Each OtherMeeting Tiger and Fievel Mousekwitz/Kiki and Tombo Get to Know Each Other
Meeting Zelda and Sonic's Groups and the Eds/Escape from the CastleMeeting the Gangreen Gang and Dazzlings/Wilbur and Aryll CapturedMeeting the Kanker Sisters/Trading Link's Slingshot for the Black Cauldron
Meeting the Wizard/Going to Fight Maleficent and Hunter JMeeting the Wizard/Going to Fight Maleficent and Sugar PlumMemories of Ogremon/Escape from the Illusion World
Meowth, Megavolt, and Quackerjack's Sad Past/Going Through the TrenchMerida's Wish Comes True/EndingMerida Scolded by Elinor/Part of Your World
MeridalanMicrobots is the Problem Helper/Fiery TragedyMother Gothel Learns About Crysta Being Alive/Transformation
Mother Gothel Orders Ralph to Kill Crysta/Crysta's Group are Told by Ralph to EscapeMusic in Your Soup (Seven Thugs version)Myotismon's Group and Ganon's Last Stand and Final Battle Part 2/Mending the Bond Torn by Pride
Myotismon’s Army’s Ambush/Looking Through Your EyesNamine White: Happily Ever AfterNamine White and the Seven Yoshis
Nathaniel Tries to Kill OliviaNormal Life in Kansas/The 48 Hour Deal is SetOfficial Knights of Canterlot/Ending
Officially Hylian Knights/EndingOgremon Teaches Ace About Running a Restaurant/Ace and Seifer's Fist FightOlivia, Marina, and their Friends Go Free/Evermore
Olivia White: Happily Ever AfterOlivia White and the Seven ThugsOlivia and the Mouse King Bond/Something There
Olivia meets The Seven ThugsOnce Upon a Dream/Dress Color ContestOne Jump Ahead/Pazu and his Gang’s Dreams
One Jump Ahead/Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' Gang's DreamsOpening/Ace's Story BeginsOpening/Aurora's Lullaby from Years Ago and Christmastime has Come in Kansas
Opening/Do You Want to Build a SnowmanOpening/Fathoms BelowOpening/Granmamare's Story Begins
Opening/Haruhiko's Foot Loss and Yupa's DeathOpening/Link the Pig Keeper's LifeOpening/Mother Gothel's Discovery and Crysta and Zak's Groups Meet and Fall in Love
Opening/Our Story BeginsOpening/Our Story Begins (Sonicladdin (Version 2) Version)Opening/Our Story Begins (Sonicladdin Version)
Opening/Peach and Daisy's Morning Wake-UpOpening/Problems at HomeOpening/Problems at Home (Magixa89 Version)
Opening/The Birth of Elise and Sedusa's CurseOpening/Yuffie's DreamOpening Intro/Olivia and Marina's Normal Lives
PazuladdinPazuladdin 2: The Return of MyotismonPazuladdin and the King of Thieves
Peach and Daisy's Chores/Fidget and the Gangreen Gang Accidentally Get Peach and Daisy in TroublePeachrellaPicked on/Magic and Flying Lessons
Picked on/Magic and Flying Lessons (Magixa89 Version)Planning a Birthday Party for White Snow/White Snow's DreamPoor Unfortunate Souls/The Deal is Set
Popple, Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina's Redemption/Nearly Drowning and ImprisonmentProfessor Oak's Advice/The TwisterProfessor Oak's Advice/The Twister (Magixa89 Version)
Putting the Castle Under the Spell/Christopher CapturedQueen Narissa's Magic MirrorRallying Rita and Runt/As Long As There's Christmas
Ratigan and Drake's Boasting/Invitation to DinnerRatigan and Drake Propose to Olivia and Marina/Becoming the Mouse King's PrisonersRecovery/Elise Stands Up to Sugar Plum
Recovery/Kiki Stands Up to Hunter JRederellaRescue/Final Battle
Rescuing Lillipup, Pikachu, Eevee, and Glameow from Tamatoa/Shiny Part 2Rescuing Wizardmon/Final Battle Part 1Rescuing Yuki and Jiji from Tamatoa/Shiny Part 2
Resting for the Night/Rita’s PoemRestoring Excalibur/Final Battle Part 1Return to the Castle/Elise Falls Under the Curse
Reuniting with Ralph/Mushu's Escape from Discord's KitchenSatsuki, Chihiro, and Yuffie Captured/Successful Rescue Thanks to Therru and ArrenSatsuki, Mei, Kanta, Yuki, and Kiki Captured/Kiki Deceived by Hunter J
Saving Toshiko TakenouchiSecond Ambush/The Phantom Mouse’s Identity RevealedSerena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, Eevee, and Elise Captured/Elise Deceived by Sugar Plum
SerenalanSerenalan IISheeta, Lavagirl, and the Dazzlings Confront Myotismon and his Men/Going to the Cave of Wonders
Sheeta, Lavagirl, and the Dazzlings’ Dreams/Sheeta, Lavagirl, and the Dazzlings Run AwaySkumps/Christopher Tells Homer his Plan of Marriage to a Peasant GirlSleeping Beauty (Bubbles8218 Version)
Sleeping NamineSleeping Royal MaidenSnake's Heroic Sacrifice/Final Battle Part 1
Snake's Sad Past/Going through the TrenchSneaking a Transformed Toshiko Out/Myotismon's Group and their Army's Evil Conquest BeginsSneaking in to Save Wilbur and Aryll/Wilbur's Escape and Link's Group's Capture
Someday (Alternate Prayer Song)SonicladdinSonicladdin (Version 2)
Sophie of OzSora's Group, Toshiko, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Tiny, Dingodile, and Leatherhead Captured/Excalibur in the Wrong HandsSora's Group, Toshiko, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Tiny, Dingodile, and Leatherhead Escape Thanks to the Monstars/Saving Leomon
Sora's Secret Dream/Toshiko's Legend-History LessonSora's Song for Toshiko/Matt and Crash's Groups and the Magic Assistants, Except Sonic's Group, Temporally LeaveSora and Toshiko's Argument/Sora Visits the Woodcarving Witch
Stories/Planning Christmas at the CastleSunken Ship Exploration/The Eds' ExplanationsTamatoa's Lair/Shiny Part 1
Tamatoa's Lair/Shiny Part 1 (Magixa89 Version)Tamatoa and Golemon's Sacrificial Injury/Healing Tamatoa and Golemon and the Heroes Capture the Fearsome FourTangled (Bubbles8218 Version)
Tangled (Kilala Reno version)Tangled (Serena Version)Tangled (Sibella Version)
Team Hylia, Except the Gangreen Gang and Dazzlings, Captured/The Cauldron-Born AwakensThe Ball is Planned/The Invitation Arrives (Peachrella Version)The Black Cauldron (Bubbles8218 Version)
The Black Cauldron (Sora Version)The Black Cauldron (Stitch version)The Dresses Torn by Vanitas and the Kanker Sisters/Rosalina Helps Out
The Elemental Sword Found Again/Tamatoa’s Promise KeptThe Forest Animals Get the Pokemon and Powerpuff Girls' Help/Final BattleThe Gift of Hope/Dr. Facilier's Last Stand
The Grotto's Destruction/Going to Sedusa'sThe Journey to the Nomebat Kingdom Begins/The Villains' New Orders to the Fearsome Four and Possessed GroudonThe Kimeramon's Lair/Getting Excalibur Back
The Lantern Festival/Satsuki's Sob StoryThe Lantern Festival/Serena, Ash, and Kaya’s Sob StoryThe Little Girl (Kairi version)
The Little Mermaid (Bubbles8218 Version)The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea (Bubbles8218 Version)The Little Mermaid 3: Adventures in Atlantis (Bubbles8218 Version)
The Little PussycatThe Little Scottish MermaidThe Little Scottish Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea
The Little Scottish Mermaid 3: Adventures in AtlantisThe Mob Song/Protecting the CastleThe Mouse King's Scarred Past Revealed/Boiler Room Argument
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (April Version)The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (Bubbles8218 Version)The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (Jane Version)
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (Kayley Version)The Poison Apple is Made/Mother Gothel Hag Goes to Find CrystaThe Pokemon and Powerpuff Girls Leave for Work/Crysta Meets the Mysterious Hag
The Princess and the DigimonThe Princess and the DragonThe Princess and the Yoshi
The Prisoners Escape at Emerald City/The Group ReunitedThe Seven Pokemon/Crysta's Group Goes to BedThe Seven Pokemon Investigate the "Monster"/Meeting and Befriending Each Other
The Seven ThugsThe Silly Song/Someday My Prince Will ComeThe Valley of Creation/Freeing the Possessed Guardians with Iago, Zazu, the Fearsome Four, and the Mysterious Masked Girl's Help
The Villains' Planned Revenge Comes to Life/The Book of Dimensions Stolen and Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza PossessedThe West Wing/Wolfos AttackThe Winx Club and Powerpuff Girls' Plan/Sedusa's Anger
The Witch's Message/Team Excalibur is BornThe Wizard's True Form Revealed/The Group's Dreams Comes TrueThe Wizard's True Form Revealed/The Group's Dreams Comes True (Magixa89 Version)
The Wizard of Oz (Bubbles8218 Version)The Wizard of Oz (Kairi version)The Wizard of Oz (Magixa89 Version)
The Wizard of Oz (Therru Version)There's No Place Like Home/EndingThere's No Place Like Home/Ending (Magixa89 Version)
TherruhontasTherruhontas: Journey to a New WorldTikalhontas
Tikalhontas: Journey to a New WorldTinker White and the Seven Darkwing Duck VillainsToad Town/The Journey Begins
Toad Town/The Journey Begins (Magixa89 Version)Tour of the Castle Gardens/Leaving Before MidnightTour of the Kingdom/Kiss the Girl
Trading the Black Cauldron for Snake's Life/Final Battle Part 2 and Destruction of the Black CauldronTremaine's Threat/Running AwayTremaine's Threat/Running Away (Magixa89 Version)
True Love's Kiss/EndingTrying the Glass Slippers/EndingUnder the Sea/Mushu Accidentally Spills the Beans
VenladdinVenladdin 2: The Return of VanitasVenladdin and the King of Thieves
ViperanaWashing Up for Dinner/The Soup SongWhere's Olivia and Marina/Don't Fall in Love
Whistle While You Work (Olivia version 2)White Snow's Birthday/Elise Learns the TruthWilbur's Vision/Ganondorf and Myotismon's Group's Plot
XionlanXionlan IIYuki and Jiji Bring Help in the Form of Their Friends/Kiki Discovers the Truth
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